We have a handy video showing you how to do that here.

Watch this video on how to update your billing details.

Watch this video to learn how to switch programs.

Watch this video on how to rejoin a program.

You’ll want to watch this video about making sure TRAIN and Train Heroic match.

You’ll want to click on the + icon next to channel in the left hand sidebar.  Here’s a list of all the teams (channels) we currently have:

  • All of our programs have their own channel
  • baseball
  • basketball
  • coaches-trainers-gym owners
  • cooking
  • dirty south
  • east coast
  • football
  • hockey
  • hunting
  • middle of the country
  • military
  • not from america
  • ufc
  • west cost
  • yankees up north

Train Heroic has a good tutorial on that here.

This generally happens because something was logged incorrectly, but we can get it fixed for you easy.  Send an email to and tell us:

1.  What program you are in
2.  What weights are wrong
3.  What the working max should be (what did you do during your test week)

Then we’ll go in and make it all better.

You lose access to everything.  Your calendar in Train Heroic will be cleared, you will be removed from SLACK and you won’t be able to access content in TRAIN.

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