Educated Meatheads: Let Us Take Care Of The Programming So You Can Focus On Becoming A Strong, Jacked, Powerful Athlete.

No more overthinking your training. Join today and get access to 15 expertly crafted  programs so you can focus on training hard, fast and heavy.

Casey Metoyer
Casey Metoyer
Assistant Athletic Performance Coach, UCLA
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"With very few things being certain in this day and age, it is nearly a certainty that you will improve, in some aspect of training, while being apart of this system."
Ryan Patrick
Ryan Patrick
Owner, Peak Fitness and Sports Training
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"Rebel Performance led me to a state record deadlift, winning best lifter at a State Championship powerlifting meet, winning multiple strongman competitions, and winning the open division of the Tactical Strength Challenge. If you're willing to work hard, I have no doubt you'll experience the improvements I have and the dozens of guys I trained alongside."
Mickey Brueckner
Mickey Brueckner
Founder and CEO, ANNEX Sports Performance Center
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"Through Rebel's guidance and programming my overall strength, capacity and athleticism is the best it's been in years. Putting my trust in Rebel was the best thing I did and I highly recommend it for anyone else looking to level up their training."

We Have a Problem. Well several actually

After working with thousands of athletes, it has become crystal clear that several problems exist:

  1. Once “traditional” sports end, athletes are left without a team and without a competitive outlet.
  2. Most training programs are asking you to trade performance for “pain.”  Did you PR your deadlift?  Yes…but you also feel like you went through a meat grinder.  Why not PR your deadlift and feel better than ever before?
  3. The training programs that do exist are not conducive to turning you into an apex athlete.  An athlete that can deadlift 600 lbs, squat 500 lbs, bench 350 lbs, be jacked, smash a metcon, ruck up a mountain and jump out of the gym, while still moving well.
  4. A lot of training programs are asking you to spend way too much time in the gym.  Yes, you love training but you also have other priorities in your life and can’t afford to spend 90 plus minutes in the gym.
Don’t worry though.  We are here to fix things.

There's A Better Way

TRAIN represents a major shift from the norm.  We have built a team of some of the best coaches and athletes on the planet to revolutionize how you train, the results you get, and how you feel.  See below to learn how we can make it happen for you.

We are not for everyone, and that’s very intentional.  We are for athletes, coaches, educated meatheads and physical therapists that have been training seriously for 2+ years and are in search of a more educated way to train.  

It’s about forging a new breed of athlete based on the following methodology:

  1. Get you strong in the big 4:  squat, press, deadlift and pull
  2. Get you powerful using jumps, throws, sprints and specific lifting methods
  3. Get you jacked by pummeling you with metabolic stress and mechanical tension
  4. Teach you to move like a jungle cat through superior exercise selection and cueing.
  5. Build you an engine that has both horsepower and capacity with traditional elements like running, biking, rowing etc.
  6. Challenge you to blend strength, power and capacity using metcons and medleys

You’re already driving down the highway going 100 mph, why not let us stear the car in the right direction?

How It Works

You can think of TRAIN like Netflix.  When you join, you get access to our program library.  It’s basically a buffet of options and you can choose whichever one best aligns with your goals right now.

Sometimes you’re in the mood for comedy and sometimes you’re in the mood for an action flick.

Our program library works the same way.

For example, want to focus on getting stronger?  Pick one of our strength programs and go get after it.  Want to focus on getting jacked?  Pick one of our hypertrophy programs and enjoy getting swole.  Want to become a better all around athlete?  Pick one of our hybrid programs and become the complete package.

You see…

Everything you need to evolve is under one roof, and we make it incredibly easy for you to switch between programs as your goals and interests change.

Oh, and you also get to join a community of amazing, like-minded humans, compete in monthly competitions, attend exclusive training camps and get a coach in your pocket.

Have we peaked your interest yet?

We sure hope so.

Keep reading below if you’re interested in learning more, and we hope to see you on the inside!


Like the A-Team but better.  Every journey requires a coach, and our world class coaching staff brings years of knowledge and experience to the table to help:

  • Guide you through your training journey.
  • Get your questions answered so there’s zero confusion regarding what you should be doing.
  • Keep your training programs up to date with the latest and greatest training methodolgies, so you don’t have to worry about leaving gains on the table.
Dr. Pat Davidson
Author of MASS and MASS 2. Thinks Tom Brady is the messiah.
Kyle Dobbs
Author of CCP. Awkwardly tall but has a strong beard game.
Steve Tripp
Author of Brick Shit House and Meat Castle. He's definitely bigger than you. Stronger than you. And drives a dope ass motorcycle.
Andrew Triana
Author of Alactic Super Star and Glycolytic Bulls. World champion of vibing.
Ryan L'Ecuyer
Author of Certified Meat Titan. A+ lat spread game.
Lance Goyke
Author of The Pyramid Method. The smartest person you've never heard of. Too nice for his own good.
Dean Guedo
Author of Venom. Bringing the noise from Canada with an exceptional Spider Man tattoo.
Dr. Michelle Boland
Author of Divergence and The Trifecta. Contrary to popular opinion, likes to lift heavy barbells.
James Cerbie
Author of The Hybrid. Coffee fanatic. Thinks shirts are dumb.

The Program Library

Now featuring an at home training team for people that don't have access to a gym.

No more: 

  • worrying about what you should be doing to achieve your goals
  • wasting time micromanaging, overthinking and screwing up your own programming
  • trading performance for “pain”
  • skimping out on the things you suck at
  • spending hours in the gym for mediocre results

All of our expertly crafted programs give you a clear road map to 10x your performance, and we make it easy for you to choose the program that best aligns with your goals right now.


The Locker Room

Brotherhood, sisterhood and being on a team are paramount for your success as an apex athlete.  People that will call your shit, support you and drive you to new heights.  Here at TRAIN, you will join a team that refuses to let you move anywhere but forward towards your goals.

The Leaderboard

We have leaderboads to bring back the glory days of the high school weight room, to celebrate the top performers in our community and to set the standard for everyone else to chase.  It’s incredible what you are capable of when you have something to hunt down.

Monthly Competitions

We run monthly competitions to to fill your training with a greater sense of purpose, to let you have fun throwing down, and to test your abilities as an apex athlete.  Competitions will span strength, power, and capacity thus forcing you to be well rounded across physical disciplines.

Industry Leading Tech

All of your programs will be delivered via Train Heroic making it feel like you have a coach in your pocket.  Plus, the app makes it easy to track and visualize your progress over time.

Exclusive Member Perks

As a member of TRAIN you get:

  • Access to private member only training camps
  • A 25% discount on all Rebel Performance workshops, seminars and education products
  • A 20% discount on the Rebel Performance Group Mentorship
  • A 20% discount on custom training templates and 1:1 remote training.

Bi-Weekly Happy Hour Calls

Hop on a group call twice per month with the Rebel Performance Team to talk shop, make fun of Matt’s small arms, and get your questions answered.

What To Do Next

Step 1


Step 2

Train, compete, partake in a healthy amount of banter

Step 3

Transform into an apex athlete

Focus On Being An

Our goal is to bring you the most comprehensive program library in existence with a kickass community and coaching, so you can focus all of your time, effort and energy on training. We know how frustrating it can be when you try to manage it all yourself, so why not let us do the grunt work so you can prioritize being an athlete?

Adam Willis
Adam Willis
Lean Body Performance Co-Founder & Strength & Conditioning Coach
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Rebel Performance is the best coaching service I’ve ever used. Since joining Rebel 6 months ago I’ve experienced more results than I have in the past 3 years. Rebel has helped reignite the athlete in me, taken my strength to new heights whilst also giving me an engine when it’s “Go Time”. Rebel are setting a new industry standard when it comes to Coaching and Programming.
Dave Howington
Dave Howington
Strength coach and doughnut connoiisseur
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"There is no other platform like TRAIN that provides such an amazing community. Not only do you have access to a buffet of programs written by some of the brightest coaches but you also get connected to a tribe of savages with the common goal of pushing each other to unreal levels of weightroom badassery."
Corey Richards
Corey RichardsDPT student
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"TRAIN gives you insanely easy access to programs written by the best coaches in the field. The community is even better- no where else can you connect and compete with people who are halfway across the country on a daily basis. James Cerbie and Rebel Performance have put together a training platform unlike any other."


If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason within the first 30 days, just let us know and we will cancel your account and refund your order zero questions asked.

We want you to be confident knowing you have nothing to lose.  We believe in this product 100% and are willing to back it up that way.

Monthly Subscription

$ 37 Monthly
  • Program Library
  • Locker Room
  • Leaderboard
  • Monthly Competitions
  • At home training team
  • Bi-weekly happy hour calls
  • Discounts on all other Rebel products


If you choose the monthly option, the card you have on file will be charged every 4 weeks.  If you choose the yearly option, the card you have on file will be charged every 12 months.

No.  Our programs are designed for healthy individuals looking to take things to an entirely new level.  We are more than willing to help get you pointed in the right direction though, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our programs assume you have access to a well equipped gym.  At a minimum, that means you have barbells, dumbbells, plates, a rack/rig, bands, medballs and some type of conditioning equipment.

Our goal is to get you in and out of the gym in no more than 60 minutes.

We have a program picker helper just for this occasion.  You can also reach out to us in the locker room and we’ll help you pick the right one.

Our coaches are roaming the locker room daily to answer your questions and provide feedback to make sure you have 100% confidence in your plan.

100%.  We encourage our athletes to do powerlifting meets, strongman comps etc.  We just don’t want them to specialize.  When a competition does roll around, we offer one on one coaching to make sure you’re ready to mash come game day.

We deliver your programs via Train Heroic.

Very rarely.  Our sales are like Unicorns.  So, if you see one, then you’ll want to jump on it.

Yes!  We offer a 30 days zero questions asked 100% money-back guarantee.  If you are unhapy with your purchase for any reason, just let us know and we’ll cancel your account and refund your purchase in its entirety.

We don’t plan any formal education, but the member forum and bi-weekly happy hours calls allow you to learn a lot.

Not unless you sign up for 1:1 coaching.  We roam Slack daily and are ready to provide feedback and answer program specific questions to help you get the most out of your training, but there will be no explaining why something is in a program or modifying a program for your specific needs.  Those sorts of things are reserved for 1:1 coaching.

You Probably Don't Have What It Takes

The journey we are on isn’t for everyone, and that’s very intentional.  If you want to be the best powerlifter in the world, then we aren’t for you.  If you want to be the best strongman in the world, then we aren’t for you.  If you want to run the best 5k in the world, then we aren’t for you.  If you value walking on your hands, then we’re definitely not for you.  If, however, you want to be an apex athlete capable of displaying strength, power, endurance and movement IQ, then welcome home.  We are built for you.  Our entire purpose is to:

  1. Help you become a complete athlete
  2. Give you a tribe
  3. Get you competing again
  4. Keep you out of pain and feeling better than ever before
  5. Make you more efficient with your time in the gym

The journey down this path will not be easy, and you are going to have to work hard to make it happen.  So please, don’t bother joining if being average or being okay sits well with you.  We want people who are hungry.  People who go out on the attack every day looking to maximize their potential and live at their peak.   

Join Now

Because being average is the worst

Marcella Trevisan
Marcella Trevisan
Strength Coach, NY Strong
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"Coming from strongman, I was looking for someone who could help me get stronger while developing the athleticism and conditioning necessary for all the crazy events. James has delivered in a big way. The coaching is awesome and every week I am excited to show up and crush it. This is by far the strongest and fastest I have ever been, and I am grateful for James for helping me grow into a more confident and well rounded athlete."
Brent Miller
Brent Miller
Lead Coach, TNT Fitness
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"TRAIN allows you to work with a handful of the best fit pros in the world. Next level programming, accountability, and a community that will help you achieve your goals!"
Erik Kreuger
Erik KreugerDPT student
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"Train has provided me an outlet to join an amazing community that forces me to show up at my best each workout because there is an understanding that you will be exposed in the challenges of you don’t!"


If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason within the first 30 days, just let us know and we will cancel your account and refund your order zero questions asked.

We want you to be confident knowing you have nothing to lose.  We believe in this product 100% and are willing to back it up that way.

Monthly Subscription

$ 37 Monthly
  • Program Library
  • Locker Room
  • Leaderboard
  • Monthly Competitions
  • At home training team
  • Bi-weekly happy hour calls
  • Discounts on all other Rebel products

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